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Who is your ONE?

We all know One. One who is hurting, alone, lost or confused. Jesus LOVES the ONE and calls us to do the same! Maybe it’s a friend, neighbor, coworker, spouse, or child. We have been looking at the areas of influence in our lives for that ONE person who needs to know Jesus. That ONE person who is waiting for you to walk with them across the line faith. Let’s continue to be ONE focused.

Check out the ONE resources

Now that you have named your ONE it's time to begin building a foundation that will lead them to discover Christ as their Savior. To help you in this process we are offering some resources below!

What if my ONE is my neighbor?

Click HERE for tips if your ONE is your neighbor!

What if my ONE if my co-worker?

Click HERE for tips if your ONE if your co-worker!

How to talk to your ONE about baptism

Click HERE for tips on talking to your ONE about baptism.

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