Life Groups 

Why Life Groups?

Why do I need to be part of a Life Group? Simply put, being together is better than being alone! You can demonstrate that by growing in faith through authentic relationships with others. God has called each of us to do life with and for one another. Also deep faith is found in smaller groups, we love the weekend worship services but Life Groups is where we can turn words and thoughts into actions and practice!

Not in a group? The Next Step Team can help you find the perfect fit. Text 'GROUP' to 937-230-7722.

The Process


Let us know you are interested by clicking the "Interested in LifeGroups" button and fill out the simple info form. We will contact you and help connect you to an awesome group!


Your Life Group Facilitator will contact and welcome you! NEXT give the group a 2 week shot! After the two weeks we will contact you, and you can decide to try out another group OR stay in that group. There is no pressure, we are committed to giving you a great group experience! 


Begin to grow in your faith journey! LifeGroups last approximately 12 weeks before we take a break! After that 12 weeks you can decide again to stay in that group OR to join a different group! 

Younique Primer

God has a dream for your life. The most important part of living that life is just to get started. The Younique Primer is the way to experience the most important highlights of the Younique journey!

This 6 Week Training will help you identify that dream that we call your Special Calling!

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